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TovoData is a leading data and analytics company that provides real estate, property ownership, and mortgage data. Tovo is backed by the rich history of iLeads.com which was founded in 1996 as a national lead provider that leverages real estate data to enhance both mortgage and insurance leads. The launch of TovoData is intended to best serve it’s growing list of leading mortgage lenders, insurance providers, direct marketers, and real estate service providers who are looking for the most current, accurate data to fuel their apps, SaaS, and business. More information about the company can be found at TovoData.com
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The DST properties offer only by our largest agency, also by the experts who multiple years marketing experience. To get the best DST properties, one needs experts and enough experience in the market, and working in accordance to professional standards of due diligence, complete disclosure as well as integrity, Cornerstone emphasizes discretion and attention to detail as tested and trusted vehicles of financial investment. For modern and commercial properties click http://ipa1031group.com/